Employee Success Network

The Employee Success Network

We believe organizations that unleash the full talent and potential of their people will win the future.

81% of business executives strongly agree that highly engaged employees perform better, yet only 37% strongly agree that employee engagement is a significant area of focus for their own organization today.

“A Winning Approach to Customer Success”, Harvard Business Review

Employee Success Drives
Organizational Success

People are the most powerful, the most dynamic, the most adaptable, and in truth, the most sustainable drivers of success. We make the case for why we believe the next wave of great companies will be defined by how they equip and unleash the incredible potential and talent of their people.

“…no company purpose, regardless of how well it is defined, can materialize unless the company environment is fertile. A fertile environment is one where employees have a spring in their steps in pursuit of a noble purpose, and where everyone can become the best, biggest, most beautiful version of themselves.

Hubert Joly, CEO of Best Buy and Originator of “Human Magic”

Bring it on!

Suggestions. Ideas. Feedback. We’ll take all of it in the spirit of making this community and resources better.

“The pandemic didn’t open people’s eyes. It broke their backs. What we’re seeing today is not an understated reshuffling, a modest resignation.

It’s a mother f*cking reckoning. And it’s about time.”

“The Great Resignation? The Great Reshuffle? Or The Great Reckoning?”, Suneet Bhatt